Networking workshops will be organised by each WP, lasting up to a week, and gather researchers from at least two consortium sites to address approaches for specific ONFIRE research problems and formalise joint research. These will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the consortium sites and the discussion of solution methodology. A short course or a tutorial are envisioned to take place at each such workshop to complement the research training. 

1st ONFIRE symposium and workshop


Consortium symposia will be adjunct to the yearly project meetings, ensuring the participation of the entire project network. The ESRs will present their research methods and results on their individual projects, with the effects of receiving feedback and ideas and enhanced presentation and networking. The symposia will further promote collaborations across the sites, as well as facilitate the direct interaction between the Superviory Board and ONFIRE ESRs.

Summer schools


The consortium will organise a summer school while the ESRs are in NOKIA-GE, and a second summer school at UPC. The first summer school, taking place in the second project year, has the purpose of bringing together all ONFIRE ESRs and moulds them into a team. Highly distinguished speakers outside the ONFIRE consortium will be invited to give short courses (of 2 ECTS each), targeting the topics of the WPs. A preparatory study phase will be planned for the ESRs. Training on complementary transferable skills (i.e., such as a research proposal writing camp, a patent training session to raise IP awareness given by NOKIA-GE’s on-site patent attorneys, and market-oriented events) will be offered in form of tutorials.


1st ONFIRE Summer School
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